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Welcome to Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, examining topics relevant to Indigenous peoples' realities. Housed in the Faculty of Social Science, the program provides students with an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage with matters that are important to Indigenous peoples while providing them with the flexibility to combine their program with other undergraduate degrees.

Hiring Indigenous Studies Director

Seeking an Indigenous leader who has demonstrated experience in Indigenous research and teaching, and whose leadership encompasses both academic and Indigenous community contexts.
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Intent to Register - March 1st-31st, 2022

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Snapshot of 2021-22 Courses

INDIGSTU 1020E – Introduction to Indigenous Studies, Instructor: Diana Lewis
INDIGSTU 2104 – Introduction to Mohawk Language, Instructor: Kanatawakhon Maracle
INDIGSTU 2212G – Cultures of the Pacific, Instructor: Douglas Campbell
INDIGSTU 2213F – Historical Issues, Instructor: Alena Rosen
INDIGSTU 2218G – Contemporary Indigenous Issues, Instructor: Lewis Williams
INDIGSTU 2233F – Archeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes, Instructor: Peter Timmins
INDIGSTU 2601G – Indigenous Environments, Instructor: Chantelle Richmond
INDIGSTU 2919F – The Iroquoians: Their History and Culture, Instructor: Kanatawakhon Maracle
INDIGSTU 3104 – Intermediate Mohawk, Instructor: Kanatawakhon Maracle
INDIGSTU 3140F – Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions, Instructor: Lewis Williams
INDIGSTU 3142F – Doing Research with Indigenous Communities (In a Good Way), Instructor: Diana Lewis
INDIGSTU 3722G – Indigenous Political and Legal Issues, Instructor: TBA
INDIGSTU 3880F – Indigenous Literatures of Turtle Island, Instructor: Pauline Wakeham
INDGSTU 4001G - Indigenous Peoples and Public History, Instructor: Cody Groat
INDIGSTU 4903G – Indigenous Research Methodologies, Instructor: Lewis Williams

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For full course listings, see the 2021-2022 Timetable