Undergraduate Timetable

Indigenous Studies offers a wide range of courses each year. Not all courses are offered every year, but course offerings are organized to ensure students in all fields of study have access to required, elective and specialty courses each academic year.

Please ensure that your personal timetable matches this list and ensure you have the most up to date information on class times and locations.

How To Read Your Timetable

The timetable uses a system whereby each course has a number and a suffix, which follows the course number. This suffix indicates the term in which the course is taught and the type of course. Courses Suffix designations are as follows:

  • A. 0.5 [single term] non-essay course offered in first term.
  • B. 0.5 [single term] non-essay course offered in second term.
  • F. 0.5 [single term] essay course offered in first term.
  • G. 0.5 [single term] essay course offered in second term.
  • E. 1.0 [full year] essay course.
  • No suffix. 1.0 [full year] non- essay course.

Courses may have a significant essay writing component as part of the course work. However, designated essay courses - courses that have the suffixes E, F, or G, require a minimal level of essay writing ability as well as an appropriate level of knowledge of the content of the course. Only designated essay courses, that is those with the suffixes E, F, or G, can be used to complete essay course requirements.

The next column on your timetable is the class number, followed by a brief course title. The days and dates are listed next, followed by the location. The location section lists an abbreviated building name and the room number where the course is being held in that building.

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Current Timetable: September 2022 - April 2023

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