Shekoli, Boozhoo, Sekoh

Welcome to Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, examining topics relevant to Indigenous peoples' realities. Housed in the Faculty of Social Science, the program provides students with an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage with matters that are important to Indigenous peoples while providing them with the flexibility to combine their program with other undergraduate degrees.

Snapshot of Indigenous Studies Courses

IS 1020E: Introduction to Indigenous Studies

NEW - IS 2104: Introductory Mohawk Language

IS 2120 CANCELLED: Oneida Language Course

IS 2213: Historical Issues

IS 2218: Contemporary First Nations Issues In Canada

NEW - IS 2700: Mohawk Metaphor: What We Say - What We Mean

IS 3001: Warriors, Veterans & Peacekeepers

IS 3142: Doing Research with Indigenous Communities

IS 3306: Language Revitalization in Practice

IS 3722: Indigenous Political and Legal Issues

NEW - IS 3104: Intermediate Mohawk Language

For more courses and detailed information please refer to the Course Descriptions.

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